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Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Spring
product details
product details


  Application   Tension, compression, torsion spring and wire forms.
  Size range   0.250~5.00mm
  Product data

  JIS G3521 High Carbon Wire

  EN 10270-1 Spring Wire

  Delivery form   Coil or spool
  Typical steel   70, SWRH82B, 65Mn, SWRH72A
  Finish   Cold drawn &oiled


Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Spring


Hard drawn steel wire is an essential component of any durable and reliable spring system. It’s strong, versatile, and can be manipulated into a variety of shapes for a wide range of applications. Here are few reasons why hard drawn steel wire should be your go-to choice for your spring needs:


First and foremost, hard drawn steel wire is incredibly strong and durable. It has been heat treated to provide maximum strength and can handle even the toughest conditions. This ensures that your springs will last for years to come without any issues or degradation in performance.


Second, it offers exceptional flexibility when it comes to manufacturing. Hard drawn steel wire can be easily bent or twisted into almost any shape, so you can create springs with intricate designs without sacrificing quality or performance.


Finally, hard drawn steel wire is also highly cost effective. The manufacturing process is relatively simple compared to other materials, which helps keep costs down while simultaneously ensuring quality construction standards are met every time.


Advantages of Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Spring


Hard Drawn Steel Wire is a type of steel wire that has been cold-drawn to provide increased strength and durability. This wire is becoming increasingly popular for use in the production of springs due to its unique characteristics. Here are some of the main advantages that Hard Drawn Steel Wire offers over other types of spring materials:


1. Increased Strength - Hard Drawn Steel Wire offers greater tensile strength than other spring materials, making it an ideal choice for applications which require high levels of tension.


2. Corrosion Resistance - This type of steel wire is highly resistant to corrosion, meaning it can be used in outdoor environments without fear of rust or decay.


3. Cost Effectiveness - Because it is made from a single material, Hard Drawn Steel Wire can be produced very cost-effectively compared to other spring materials such as stainless steel or music wire.


4. Versatility - This type of wire can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it suitable for many different types of spring applications such as shock absorbers, torsion springs and more.


5. Durability - Hard Drawn Steel Wire is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.



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