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Austenitic Stainless Spring Wires
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Austenitic Stainless Spring Wires
product details
product details


  Application   Tension, compression, torsion spring and wire forms.
  Size range   0.180~5.00mm
  Product data

  ASTM A313 302-304-316 Spring Wire

  EN 10270-1 Spring Wire

  JIS G4314 SS Spring Wire

  Delivery form   Coil, spool or carrier
  Typical steel   302304316
  Finish   Cold drawn by powder or oil(bright drawn)


Austenitic Stainless Spring Wires


Austenitic stainless spring wires are a popular choice for a variety of applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, and low magnetic permeability. These wires are made from austenitic stainless steel, which is an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. The combination of these elements creates a material that is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation even in extreme temperatures. Additionally, austenitic stainless steel has excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance making it ideal for manufacturing springs and other components.


Austenitic stainless spring wires can be used in a wide range of industries from automotive to medical device manufacturing. They are commonly used for the manufacture of aircraft parts, springs for valves and switches, fasteners and connectors as well as small arms components. Because they are highly resistant to corrosion they can be used in applications where other materials may not last as long or perform as well such as those exposed to salt water or other harsh environments. Additionally, because they have low magnetic permeability they are also suitable for use with electrical components or devices that require a non-magnetic material.


Austenitic stainless steel spring wires are the perfect choice for precision springs and components. They offer superior corrosion resistance, strength, and flexibility compared to other materials. Plus, they're extremely durable, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


Austenitic stainless steel spring wires are made with a combination of chromium and nickel alloys, which make them resistant to oxidation and corrosion in most environments. They also provide excellent fatigue properties due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, their flexibility allows you to create complex shapes with ease.


When it comes to performance and quality, austenitic stainless steel spring wires are the way to go. Their superior corrosion resistance means that they won't corrode or rust even when exposed to harsh conditions like saltwater or high temperatures. And since they're so durable, you can count on them lasting for many years without any need for replacement or repairs. Plus, these wires are easy to work with and relatively cost-effective when compared with other materials.


In conclusion, austenitic stainless steel spring wires are an excellent choice for precision springs and components due to their superior corrosion resistance, strength, flexibility and durability. They're perfect for a wide


Advantages of Austenitic Stainless Spring Wires


Austenitic stainless spring wires are widely used in the manufacturing of springs due to its greater corrosion resistance, excellent strength and ductility, and good formability. The austenitic stainless spring wire is also widely chosen for its attractive appearance and low cost. Here are some other advantages of using austenitic stainless spring wires:


1. Superior Corrosion Resistance – Austenitic stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for applications that require exposure to corrosive chemicals or elements such as salt water or acidic environments.


2. High Strength and Ductility – The combination of high strength and ductility makes austenitic stainless steel an ideal choice for applications that require a strong yet flexible material such as springs, fasteners, and wire forms.


3. Good Formability – The ability to form the material into complex shapes makes it a popular choice for intricate designs such as those found in medical devices and automotive components.


4. Attractive Appearance – The polished finish of austenitic stainless steel gives it an attractive look while also providing protection against wear and tear.


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