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Stainless Medical Wire

Stainless Medical Wire

Stainless Medical Wire


Stainless Medical Wire material has high technical content, ultra-high strength and high toughness. Stainless Medical Wire with high added value, and does not have any potential cytotoxicity. It can safely contact human tissues, body fluids or blood, and meets all relevant allergy and skin irritation test standards. At present, this material is mainly used to manufacture surgical medical instruments such as medical suture needle, surgical blade, drill, scissors, guide device, etc.


304V Stainless Medical Wire


304V Stainless Medical Wire


304V is a kind of medical stainless steel material using double smelting process. First, the material is smelted in an electric arc furnace, followed by a vacuum arc remelting smelting. As a result, the material can achieve a more uniform chemical composition with minimal gaps and contamination. This improvement in metal purity and uniformity allows 304V to be used in products that require high reliability. The material is basically used in the medical field, and its ease of welding and excellent strength make 304V widely recognized. In addition, other medical implant metal materials are basically expensive, and 304V is more popular because of its more affordable price.


304V Stainless Medical Wire Related Specifications - ASTM A313-2018 Stainless Steel Spring Wire Stainless Steel Spring Wire



304V Stainless Medical Wire Application


Orthodontic arch wire


guide wire

Surgical Instruments

surgical implant





304V Stainless Medical Wire Application
Heat Treatment of 304V Stainless Medical Wire


Heat Treatment of 304V Stainless Medical Wire


In wire form, 304V heat treatment at 350-427°C will give better yield strength. Heat treatment using a reducing atmosphere is the best option, but inert gases are acceptable. In the temperature range of 1010-1121°C, 304V can be fully annealed in a few minutes. In the temperature range of 427 to 899°C, carbide precipitation occurs in the material, which reduces the corrosion resistance of the material. In ASTM A313, specific requirements are put forward specifically for the bending test of wire, including the design drawing of the bending test, etc.304V can only increase hardness by cold working.



Custom Stainless Medical Wire Manufacturer


As a Custom Stainless Medical Wire Manufacturer, We can provide a variety of medical grade stainless steel wires for medical catheter applications. In addition, all our alloy materials can be supplied with bare wire or coated wire according to customer requirements. The surface finish can also be modified by gold plating, nickel, silver or oxide coating. The mechanical properties such as torque can also be adjusted through heat treatment and cold rolling processes to ensure that the functions of strengthening conduits or safety ropes can be realized and optimized.


Our Stainless Medical Wire supply form


Straight Wire

Custom Stainless Medical Wire Manufacturer
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