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Piano wire JIS G3522

Piano wire JIS G3522

High quality Piano wire JIS G3522 from MINGP are made of quality-proven materials from our reliable suppliers. Advanced laboratory equipment detects harsh chemicals, tests for the presence of leaks, and determines the performance of our pipelines under extreme conditions.


Piano wire JIS G3522


Piano wire, or music wire, is a type of high-carbon steel wire with a bright finish. It is used in applications requiring very high strength and stiffness, such as springs, musical instrument strings, and piano hammers.


Piano wire is made of hardened and tempered high-carbon steel. The manufacturing process ensures that the steel has a uniform microstructure, which gives it consistent mechanical properties. The final heat treatment process gives the piano wire its high tensile strength and stiffness.


Piano wire is available in a variety of diameters, from 0.2 mm to 5 mm. It is also available in different grades, depending on the application.


JIS G3522 is the Japanese industrial standard for piano wire.


Piano wire, or music wire, is a type of high-carbon steel wire with a bright finish and very consistent dimensions. It is used in the construction of pianos and harps, as well as in other applications that require a strong yet flexible material.


Piano wire is made by drawing the steel through progressively smaller dies to achieve the desired diameter and hardness. The finished wire is then heat-treated to relieve stress and ensure uniformity.


Piano wire is available in a variety of diameters and lengths, and can be cut to size with standard cutting tools. It can also be bent or formed into shapes as needed.


Piano wire is an ideal material for many applications requiring a strong, flexible, and dimensionally consistent steel wire.

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