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Music wire ASTM A228

Music wire ASTM A228

High quality Music wire ASTM A228 from MINGP are made of quality-proven materials from our reliable suppliers. Advanced laboratory equipment detects harsh chemicals, tests for the presence of leaks, and determines the performance of our pipelines under extreme conditions.


Generally, spring steel contains carbon and manganese, but may also contain nickel, chromium, molybdenum, tin, vanadium, copper, iron, tungsten and aluminum. Spring steel is officially classified by ASTM according to its yield strength and hardness, so different material compositions can be used for different applications. For example, ASTM A228 is used for piano strings, containing 0.7%-1% carbon and 0.2%-0.6% manganese, with a maximum yield strength of 530 MPa and a tensile strength of 400 MPa.


Music Wire ASTM A228


Music wire is a type of high-carbon steel wire which is used for various applications such as piano strings, guitar strings, and masonry nails. It is also known as spring wire because of its excellent flexibility and resilience. Music wire is available in a variety of sizes, with the most popular being ASTM A228 music wire.


ASTM A228 music wire is a standard specification for carbon steel wire used for general purpose springs. It is a high-carbon steel wire with a bright finish and good spring temper. This type of music wire is available in diameters ranging from 0.006 to 0.625 inches (0.15 to 15.88 mm).


ASTM A228 music wire is a high-carbon steel wire used for springs, piano wire, and other applications where high stress and moderate corrosion resistance are required. It is available in both annealed (soft) and tempered (hard) conditions.


Music wire is a type of high-carbon steel wire which is used for various applications such as springs, musical instruments, and other demanding uses. It is made of a very high-quality steel which makes it extremely strong and durable.


There are different types of music wire available depending on the application. For instance, there is piano wire which is specifically designed for pianos. It has to be able to withstand a great deal of tension as the strings are under a lot of tension when the piano is played.

Treatment Process of ASTM A228 Piano Wire


Treatment Process of ASTM A228 Piano Wire


ASTM A228 piano wire imported spring steel wire spring steel wire manufacturing process and subsequent heat treatment, mainly the following three categories:


1. Cold-drawn steel wire treated with lead bath


First, the steel wire is drawn continuously for three times, and the total deformation reaches 50%. Then it is heated to a temperature above Ac3 to make it austenitic. Then it is treated at an isothermal temperature in a lead bath of 450-550 °C, and the austenite is transformed into sorbite. organize. The yield strength is 1600Mpa. After the cold coil is formed, it can be annealed at 200-300℃ to eliminate the stress.


2. Oil quenched and tempered steel wire After the steel wire is drawn to the processing size, oil quenched and tempered. This type of wire is not as strong as lead bath treated wire, but offers uniform performance* and lower cost. After the cold roll is formed, the stress relief treatment is carried out.


3. The steel wire in the annealed state is drawn to the specified size, and then annealed. After the softened steel wire is cold-coiled, it needs to be quenched + tempered at medium temperature to obtain the required mechanical properties


Product Usage of Music Wire ASTM A228


ASTM A228 spring steel wire is medium and high carbon, with high strength, hardness and elasticity after heat treatment or cold work hardening, and low cold deformation plasticity and general weldability. Fire treatment for hardening is mainly used for the manufacture of springs, spring coils, various washers, etc.


Chemical Composition of Music Wire ASTM A228


Carbon C: 0.62~0.70, manganese Mn: 0.50~0.80, nickel Ni≤0.30, silicon Si: 0.17~0.37, phosphorus P≤0.035, sulfur S≤0.035, chromium Cr≤0.25, copper (u≤0.25


Heat Treatment Process of Music wire ASTM A228


Normalizing at 810℃, quenching temperature 780-830℃, oil or water cooling; tempering temperature 400-600℃


Product Usage of Music Wire ASTM A228
Wholesale Music wire ASTM A228 Manufacturer


Wholesale Music wire ASTM A228 Manufacturer


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