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Galvanized Spring Steel Wire

Galvanized Spring Steel Wire

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what is Galvanized Spring Steel Wire


     Galvanized spring steel wire is used in a variety of applications where corrosion resistance is important, including automotive springs, suspension systems, and mattress coils. The zinc coating on galvanized spring wire provides superior corrosion resistance compared to uncoated spring wire.


     Galvanized spring steel wire is used in a number of different applications, including automotive springs, suspension systems, and even in some types of fabric. It is a material that is known for its durability and strength, as well as its resistance to corrosion.


     While galvanized spring steel wire is not stainless steel, it still offers many of the same benefits. It is an excellent choice for applications where rust and corrosion are a concern, and it can also be used in applications where high temperatures are a factor.


How to do Galvanized Spring Steel Wire?

     According to the performance requirements of high strength galvanized spring steel wire, the production test was carried out by using heat treatment-continuous galvanizing production process and medium galvanizing process, the differences of properties, salt spray corrosion and brittle fracture frequency of high strength galvanized steel wire produced by two production processes were analyzed. The process flow of the two test schemes is as follows, scheme 1: Φ6.50 mm wire rod → surface treatment → first semi-finished product drawing to φ3.50 mm → heat treatment → galvanizing → finished product drawing to Φ1.15 mm → inspection classification → packing. Scheme 2: Φ6.50 mm wire rod → surface treatment → first semi-finished product drawing to φ4.10 MM → heat treatment → surface treatment → second semi-finished product drawing to φ2.1 mm → middle zinc plating → finished product drawing to φ1.15 mm → inspection classification → packing. Plan 2 is longer than plan 1 production process, more than one semi-finished steel wire surface treatment and drawing. In order to ensure the zinc content of the finished steel wire, the total compression ratio of the intermediate galvanized semi-finished product is generally controlled at about 75% , therefore, the diameter of intermediate galvanized semi-finished (secondary semi-finished) steel wire is 2.1 mm.

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