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How to choose Stainless Steel Wires

Published on: 2022-08-31 source: Views: 23

How to choose Stainless Steel Wires


Stainless steel wire has high cost performance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and antistatic characteristics.


The selection of stainless steel wire mainly starts from two aspects: material and thickness. Let's talk about the material first. The best stainless steel wire on the market is 316 stainless steel wire, followed by 304 stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wire of these two materials has excellent anti-corrosion properties. The service life can reach 20 years. However, 316 steel wire is much stronger than 304 in terms of corrosion resistance. Be careful with low-priced steel wire when purchasing stainless steel wire. There are many low-cost stainless steel wires on the market. Most of the steel models are not 304 and 316.


202 stainless steel wire, 302 stainless steel wire or high-precision steel wire, etc. The service life of stainless steel wire of this kind of material is not more than 5 years. Generally, rust and corrosion will occur in less than 3 years, and it will rust in one year. Stainless steel wire is cheap. Some unscrupulous merchants use low prices as bait and use other brands of inferior stainless steel wire as shoddy, misleading consumers. Many consumers can't stand the temptation of price, or the sales staff are fooled, and they face the dilemma of reinstalling after just 1 or 2 years.

 Another important factor in selecting high-quality Wangang stainless steel wire is the thickness of the stainless steel wire. Although the smaller the diameter of the steel wire, the higher the requirements for the material and processing technology of the steel wire. However, the thicker the stainless steel wire, the safer it is. The tensile and shear resistance of the stainless steel wire in Xinghua Wangang is definitely much better than that of the thin steel wire. When consumers choose protection products for children, the diameter of 2.0mm steel wire is enough to achieve the purpose of protection. If they choose to do anti-theft, thick steel wire is much better.


Stainless steel wire material difference


316 contains molybdenum, 304 contains neither titanium nor molybdenum, there is no big difference in appearance


Identification of stainless steel wire


Stainless steel wire is 201, 201, 301, 302, 304, 316, etc. If you want to install a protective net, it is best to test it with a stainless steel test solution during installation and construction, and the result can be obtained in a few minutes. According to the color of the test solution, the steel wire model can be determined. With the exception of 316, this model can be tested with M2 Molybdenum Test Fluid


1. It is clear whether to use raw drawn steel wire or lead-quenched steel wire;


2. Propose requirements for wire diameter, strength level (group) and standard number;


3. If there are special requirements for strength, diameter tolerance, etc., it should be put forward.


4. Special packaging and marking requirements;


5. Carbon steel springs are suitable for working at a maximum long-term temperature of 121 °C, and alloy spring steel should be used for more working temperature.


3. Special needs


Special-shaped section: square, rectangle, hexagon, etc.


Annealing treatment: suitable for large deformation plastic processing, such as flattening, rolling into triangles, etc.


Stabilization treatment: the steel wire will spring straight after it is released, and the residual stress will be eliminated better.


Surface state: The standard state is the cold drawn state after phosphating, and other special states include zinc plating, nickel plating and no phosphating.


Piano wire: DM, DH grade according to ISO standard, or delivered according to JISG3522 standard.


Alloy spring steel wire: This information only includes carbon steel, alloy steel wire can be supplied in annealed and cold drawn state.


Whether special requirements can be met should be confirmed at the time of ordering.


4. Packaging and Identification


Packaging: Steel wire is delivered in coils, special packaging (wooden boxes, iron drums, pallets, wire racks) can be negotiated.


All spring steel wires are coated with anti-rust oil, and should be declared when ordering if no oil is required. Pack the coiled steel wire with plastic woven cloth or other materials after binding.

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