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About different stainless steel wire rope

Published on: 2023-02-21 source: Views: 23

About different stainless steel wire rope


Stainless steel wire rope is one of the most versatile and widely used materials for a variety of applications. It is typically made from austenitic stainless steel, which is the most common type used for wire rope. It comes in two different grades, Type 304 and Type 316, with the main difference being that Type 316 offers a higher degree of corrosion resistance. Type 304 is the standard alloy for use in wire rope and cable and is better suited for indoor uses, while Type 316 is better suited for marine environments.



About coated stainless steel wire rope


Coated stainless steel wire rope is an excellent choice for a range of applications. It provides a low cost, general purpose coating and is commonly used to cover 1X19, 7X7 and 7X19 stainless steel wire rope.


It is highly flexible with a good balance of abrasion resistance and features a type 304 stainless steel vinyl-coated finish for enhanced rust protection.


For most applications, 7x19 is the best all-around cable as it provides additional corrosion protection with a clear vinyl coating.



About the difference between galvanized and stainless steel wire rope


When it comes to choosing between galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope, there are two main differences to consider: strength and durability.


Stainless steel wire rope is significantly stronger than galvanized steel, as it has a higher breaking point. Additionally, stainless steel is corrosion resistant and works well in environments such as salt air, water saturation, or agricultural chemicals.


Galvanized carbon steel wire rope cannot resist the occurrences of salty water as the zinc coating will corrode over time. Therefore, stainless steel is the ideal choice for applications exposed to salty wetness or other corrosive environments.


How to cut stainless steel wire rope


For starters, make sure to invest in the right tools: an angle grinder with a metal cut-off wheel, a cold chisel and a hammer, a vice grip, fine tooth saw blade and pliers or diagonal cutters. Then align the cut point to be in the middle of the wood and snap the vice grip on the waste end of the wire to hold it in place. Next, use the saw blade to cut through the wire and make sure to wear glasses for protection. 


When cutting steel cable with galvanization process, make sure to use sheer force by using pliers or diagonal cutters. If you are cutting hardwood with steel cable in it, drill a hole in hardwood and slot the wood to cross the hole. Slip wire through and then use an angle grinder with a thin (1/16") cutting wheel to make your cuts.


How to crimp stainless steel wire rope


In order to successfully crimp a stainless steel wire rope, you will need a wire rope crimper. This tool is usually made of hardened steel alloys, such as A2 stainless steel and copper, and must be of reliable quality. You will also need a stainless steel eye terminal to crimp the wire rope with a diameter of 13/64”.


China stainless steel wire rope Manufacturer


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