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About Stainless Spring Wires

Published on: 2022-09-05 source: Views: 23

About Stainless Spring Wires


Stainless spring wires are made of chromium-nickel alloys. The alloys are characterized by high corrosion resistance, excellent spring properties, and good formability.


What is spring wire


Spring steel wire is a kind of steel wire used to make springs or steel wire parts. Mainly used to make mechanical springs, valve springs, air hammers, presses, hydraulic controller springs.


The strength of the spring steel wire is different according to the variety, standard and specification, and the tensile strength grade can be in the range of 1000-3000 MPa. The diameter of the circular spring wire ranges from 0.08 to 20 mm.


Classification and characteristics of spring wire


According to the material type, spring wire can be divided into:


1. Carbon spring steel wire, which is the most widely used and has the largest amount, and is suitable for the manufacture of springs with small cross-section and low working temperature. It has high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, no oxidation and decarburization defects, and relatively stable fatigue life.


2. Stainless steel spring steel wire is suitable for stainless steel spring sheets. According to Chinese habits, spring steel belongs to special steel, and the technical requirements for making spring steel are relatively high.


3. Alloy spring steel wire, it can improve the anti-relaxation performance of the spring steel, improve the toughness of the steel, and at the same time significantly improve the hardenability and service temperature of the steel, it is suitable for the manufacture of springs with larger sections and higher temperatures.


Production process of spring wire


The spring steel wire is generally pickled and phosphated first to remove the iron oxide scale to form a phosphating film; a few are treated by mechanical methods. The purpose is to meet the requirements of the cold drawing process and obtain a smooth surface. For spring steel wires that require high fatigue life, such as valve spring steel wires, the wire rods should be peeled to reduce surface defects.


In the pickling and phosphating process, we adopts a fully enclosed automatic intelligent pickling and phosphating production line. The fully enclosed tunnel can save energy, save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment. It not only has high work efficiency, but also has a compact and fast pace, and the quality of the processed products is stable. It can also achieve zero discharge of waste acid, water and waste residue, and achieve 100% recycling.


After that, lead bath quenching process is commonly used for carbon steel spring steel wire, which can obtain very fine pearlite structure (sorbite), which is beneficial for improving deep drawing performance and spring performance. Promotion, only has application in some small diameters.


Alloy steel wire is generally annealed and heat treated to adapt the microstructure to the drawing deformation. The heat treatment of stainless steel wire adopts solid solution treatment, and its purpose is also to improve the structure to meet the needs of drawing.


The oil quenching process is used on the finished steel wire. Induction heating or gas or oil heating furnace is used to heat the steel wire to the austenitizing temperature and keep it for a period of time, and then carry out a medium temperature tempering after quenching. Although it is called oil quenching in name, it basically adopts water quenching or water quenching with polymer materials.


Spring wire and related industries


Although the spring industry is a small industry in the entire manufacturing industry, its role cannot be underestimated. In addition, the expansion of the scale and variety of spring products and the improvement of the quality level are also the needs of the replacement of mechanical equipment and the need to improve the performance of the supporting host. Therefore, spring products play an important role in the development of the entire national industry.


At present, we excellent and special steel disk surface centralized treatment production line project has been completed and put into operation. The first metal products enterprise in Jiangxi Province will be established here. Downstream metal products companies provide high-quality and stable raw materials such as pickling and phosphating coils, and heat-treated semi-finished steel wires.

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